Debt Relief Companies Expand Services With Debt Settlement and Attorney Backed Mortgage Relief Programs

By admin • January 20th, 2009

Amid the ongoing housing and credit crises, even as some of the country’s largest mortgage lenders announce a moratorium on foreclosures and unveil various loan modification initiatives meant to help homeowners stay in their homes, the number of foreclosures nationwide has quadrupled since the fall of 2007. Foreclosure rates rose 81% in 2008 from the previous year and most anticipate 2009 will be another record year for foreclosures, mortgage relief and bankruptcy filings.  According to a recent report highlighting to projections by Credit Suisse with household incomes decreasing, unemployment is rising and all signs point towards continued economic failures blobally, more than 8 million homeowners could lose their homes to foreclosure over the next four years.


Despite increased pressure on lenders to offer loan modification plans to the homeowners who are hit the hardest, particularly those facing rising payments in adjustable, interest only and negative amortization mortgage loans, a number of struggling homeowners have still been unable to obtain loan modification assistance from their home lenders.

The modification program from provides a new opportunity for homeowners with a variety of home preservation options. Some homeowners may be in default, facing foreclosure and some borrowers who not been late on their mortgage payment yet. — another avenue to explore, providing them with access to professional legal help through a national network of bankruptcy attorneys, foreclosure lawyers and loan modification companies who work with lenders, on a homeowner’s behalf, to negotiate lower mortgage payments. Their loss mitigation program offers another option to those borrowers who want to refinance into a reduced fixed rate home mortgage but who have been rejected for home refinancing, because of guidelines have tightened or because their outstanding mortgage balance is suddenly greater than the value of their home.

There are no credit checks, no appraisals, and no application fees required with the Think Loan Modification program. Homeowners can find out whether they qualify absolutely free and with no obligation. There is no cost for anyone who does not qualify or for anyone who simply decides any of our debt settlement or foreclosure prevention programs are not for them.   Read more online about ThinkDebtRelief and get more details.


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