Protect Your Name with Reputation Management from Smart Search Strategies

By admin • May 11th, 2010
Having a hard time with your mortgage payments?

Bankruptcy Attorney Nation announced a new reputation management service for participating bankruptcy law firms online.  In addition to their consumer referral services, the company is offering reputation management and online public relations services in an effort to help trusted bankruptcy lawyers preserve their name on the internet.  With the advent of social media networks and unchecked blog postings, it is easy for good law firms to get bad reputations online.  Bankruptcy Attorney Nation announced their strategic alliance with Smart Search Strategies who remain an authority for online reputation management for law firms.  If you need damage control, this aggressive search engine optimization works aggressively to promote your law firm’s good press.  Often times when a consumer is shopping a bankruptcy attorney they will google the lawyer or the firm’s name.  The first 2 pages of results are critical and it is imperative that there is not negative feedback featured on these pages.  Smart Search Strategies can protect your image online with value added services that minimize the impact of people trash-talking your law firm on the internet.

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