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Virginia Bankruptcy

Virginia bankruptcy provides troubled debtors with a fresh start because bankruptcy protects consumers against lawsuit from creditors. However, the bankruptcy protection isn't extended until you undergo the mandatory credit counseling and file your bankruptcy with the courts. Until then, credit card debt creditors can still continue to collect on the debts, and your lender can still proceed with the foreclosure if you're behind on your mortgage.

Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Virginia with our debt relief directory and get a free BK evalution for a loan modification, chapter 7, 11, 13 or debt settlement that could lead to a fresh start. Find out from a local attorney if bankruptcy is the best for your situation.

Avoiding Bankruptcy
Since October 2005, Virginia chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and Virginia chapter 13 bankruptcy laws have changed significantly. But, there are a couple of effective ways to avoid bankruptcy: debt settlement and loan modification. With debt settlement, you and your creditors reach an agreement on how much they will accept as full payment of your debt. A loan modification involves the mortgage lender improving the rates and terms of your mortgage loan so you can stay in the loan instead of foreclosing. VA Beach bankruptcy lawyers, Richmond bankruptcy lawyers and other Virginia bankruptcy lawyers can explain your options and help you decide on the best one.

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